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X50 broccoli chips

Health food and supplement brand X50 offers...

Hemp seed oil beauty & personal care

From shampoo and shaving cream to serum and soap, hemp seed oil is gaining traction as a key ingredient in a broad...

Collagen inner beauty products

With growing awareness that beauty really does come from within, more and more consumers are turning to natural, edible collagen-infused products to...

Beauty report: Emergence of clean, beauty within, and functional ingredients

Clean emerges as the new natural in beauty as toxin-free, vegan and cruelty free become the baseline consumer expectation. This year marks greater mainstream awareness...


Man Brew chemical-free skincare range

Man Brew is an Australian-made chemical-free skincare range designed for men. Launched by Hunter Valley-based parent company Raw Earth...

Australian natives feature in new skincare

G&M Cosmetics has launched a premium skincare range made with native Australian ingredients. The Native Australian line comprises a...

Raw Earth Co launches Serum Factory

Hunter Valley-based skincare company Raw Earth Co has recently launched Serum Factory, a new line of serums designed for various skin types.

Amperna probiotic skincare range

Australian start-up Amperna has created a new skincare line that harnesses the power of active probiotics. Amperna products use...

EMPOWdER functional mushrooms

Set The Bar has launched a new range of functional mushroom powders. The EMPOWdER range includes four mushroom powder...

Saba Organics certified organic beauty and personal care

Saba Organics is a new line of certified organic hair, skin, body, personal care and sports products aimed at families.

Krumbled Foods launches Beauty Bites

Newcomer Krumbled Foods launches its first range of functional snack foods into Priceline this month. Beauty Bites are...

Get in Shape Organics bars arrive in Australia

Austrian brand Get in Shape Organics is now available in Australia with its range of organic raw and protein bars.



King Soba vegan and gluten-free noodles and soups

King Soba’s extensive range of noodle and soup products is now available in Australia to cater to gluten-free, vegan and health-conscious eaters. The products are...

LOKA launches keto lupin chips

LOKA is a new player in the keto snack foods market with the launch of its first line of keto chips.

Nourish and Care launches make-at-home almond mylk

Australian newcomer Nourish and Care is tapping into the demand for convenience, fresh and plant-based mylks with a new make-at-home almond mylk....

GF Oats introduces Anzac biscuit made with uncontaminated oats

Gloriously Free Oats has added an Anzac biscuit to its existing uncontaminated oat range. GF Oats Anzac Biscuits are...


Dr V delivers pharmacy grade skincare without harsh chemicals

Dr V is a premium, derma pharmacy skincare line designed for sensitive skin and sufferers of various skin conditions.

Skin microbiome emerges with latest Aussie launch

The skin microbiome is emerging as the next trend in skincare with the latest launch by Australian start-up Amperna.  

ACURE strengthens millennial offering

ACURE Organics has strengthened its millennial appeal with a fresh new re-brand and a range of ‘grab n go’ single-use face masks.

Grin launches dentist-approved oral care

New Zealand oral care brand Grin Natural Products has just hit Australian shores, offering a selection of natural toothpaste and biodegradable toothbrushes...


Natural health: Digestion, food as medicine and niche marketing

Naturally functional and specialised products that focus on food as medicine rather than traditional tablet supplementation have won favour with consumers this year. Digestive health...

180 Nutrition Organic Hemp Plus

180 Nutrition has introduced a new protein powder to the market that harnesses the power of organic hemp. The Australian supplement brand’s Organic Hemp Plus...

Provital Launches Australia’s only stand alone tocotrienol complex

Provital T3 Ultrabsorb Formula is the only stand-alone full spectrum palm tocotrienols complex in Australia and is gaining momentum with naturopaths and nutritionists. Tocotrienols are...

Intrametica: First to market beauty within ingredients

A Melbourne naturopath has launched a range of anti-aging beauty within food and beverage supplements with the hero product featuring first to market, clinically trialled ingredients shown...

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