Natural Health & WellnessACV capsules with Mother | That Hippie Co.

ACV capsules with Mother | That Hippie Co.

New player in the gut health space, That Hippie Co., has launched shelf stable Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Capsules With ‘The Mother’. 

The mother in ACV is considered the healthiest part containing raw enzymes and gut-friendly bacteria. That Hippie Co has created a tasteless way to consume the mother in a convenient shelf-stable capsule. 

The company has also launched an ACV Tonic with the mother. Combining ACV in its natural form alongside turmeric, Manuka honey and lemon, this powerful combination assists natural gut health, reduces the feeling of fullness and aids healthy digestion. 

The ACV Tonic and ACV Capsules are 100% natural and vegan. 

Key Selling Points

A convenient way to consume ACV. Vegan.

That Hippie Co. | RRP $29.90 | SIZE 120 capsules 

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