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Australian athletes create performance chocolate

Two Australian athletes have created what could be the beginning of a whole new category – performance chocolate.

Peak Chocolate founders Raph Freedman and Rory Boyden formulated a pre-work out chocolate to fuel the body with scientifically supported ingredients like BCAAs, creatine, and caffeine with Himalayan salt. It’s also vegan, made with 80 per cent cacao, low in sugar and carbs, and high in goods fats.

Demand increased rapidly after the pair appeared on Channel’s 10’s Shark Tank late last year.

The long-time school friends, professional athletes and fitness influencers know firsthand the nutrition needed to perform at a peak level and how to capture attention of like-minded consumers. Both have competed at national level in CrossFit tournaments and are co-owners of three Crossfit boxes across Sydney. Raph is also the founder and co-host of Mind Muscle Project podcast (the highest-rated fitness podcast in Australia).

The pair were already using dark chocolate and an array of performance supplements in their training regimes and thought of combining the two one day while recovering in a sauna.

After several test runs in their home kitchens, they took their prototype to a chocolatier who ground, tempered and moulded it to create the product it is today.

    • RRP $6.95 | Also sold in multipacks of 6, 12 and 24.
    • SIZE 60g