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Beauty innovation: Flora & Fauna launches European skin care brand Jalue

Innovative herbal cryotherapy products from European beauty brand Jalue have arrived on the Australian market with Flora & Fauna.

Jalue’s mini-facials combine the skincare benefits of herbs and ice-therapy, putting to work the calming properties of chamomile, sage, nettle, rose and oak bark – but in a very ‘cool’ way.

Sachets containing the skin-enhancing herbs are steeped in boiling water for 20 minutes, then poured in a reusable silicon ‘ice-cone’ applicator. Once frozen, the ice cone is applied directly to the skin as a toner, with daily use recommended for optimum results, such as calmer skin, reduced puffiness and pore size.

Jalue is the brainchild of Azerbaijani entrepreneur Jale Demirchi, who was immersed in Russian skincare heritage and the traditions of herbalism from birth.

Jalue founder Jale Demirchi

The brand’s innovative approach was inspired by a Russian tradition that dates to Catherine the Great, who reportedly applied an ice cube to her skin every morning to refresh her complexion. Russians later improved upon the ritual by adding different herbs to the ice.

“My mother used to spend hours in the kitchen trying to make masks and creams from natural ingredients. Not all of us want to spend hours brewing herbal potions. Jalue is ready to go. All you need is a freezer,” Ms Demirchi said.

Each pack contains four herbal sachets and a reusable silicon ‘ice-cone’ applicator, with each sachet enough for a week of mini-facials