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Hudsons Jackfruit | Scalzo Foods

Scalzo Foods has launched a microwavable meat substitute with a pulled pork-like texture called Hudsons Jackfruit. Hudsons Jackfruit is...

Functional camel milk skincare balances microbiome

Creating healthy skin by balancing the skin microbiome is the focus of a new functional skincare range by Summer Land Camel.

Spirulina capsules | Bio Spirulina

Bio Spirulina is a new Australian owned and operated company with a range of edible, nutrient-dense algae from Greece. 

Gluten-free crumpets | Liberate Foods

Liberate Foods has launched Australia’s first gluten free, tradition honeycomb-style crumpet.  The GF crumpets have the Coeliac Society stamp...

ACV capsules with Mother | That Hippie Co.

New player in the gut health space, That Hippie Co., has launched shelf stable Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Capsules With ‘The Mother’. 

Nail repair kit | Hanami

Australian ethical nail product brand Hanami has launched a remedy kit to improve nail health. The brand’s new Nail...

Collagen and MCT oil gummies | Locako

Locako has launched DIY chocolate gummies with collagen and MCT oil for children and adults. The new functional snack is marketed with...

Inflammation fighting lattes | Zandi Organics

Zandi Organics joins the well-established hot beverage niche for healthier alternatives to tea or coffee with its wellness latte range.

Functional coconut water | Coco Luxe

Coco Luxe has released a new range of sustainably sourced coconut water infused with vitamins and minerals designed to hydrate, boost and...

Toxin free haircare | The White Pigeon Said

‘Love Your Locks’ is a new range of toxin-free haircare handmade in Australia by The White Pidgeon Said. Free...

The Cricket Bakery flour baking blends

Cricket flour is the next big thing in grain-free, protein-rich flours, with newcomer The Cricket Bakery launching a line of make-at-home packet...

Pimp My Salad convenience serves

Pimp My Salad has introduced convenient single-serve versions of its salad boosters. The Byron Bay brand’s Super Seed Sprinkles,...