RetailColes launches “affordable” Wellness Road private label

Coles launches “affordable” Wellness Road private label

Coles has launched a new value private label range to compete in the growing health category.

Wellness Road is a new range of 28 products including organic black rice noodles with chia, organic cacao powder, white chia seeds and Australian almond flour.

According to Coles, the products will be about 30 per cent cheaper than what consumers currently pay in specialty stores. They’re available at select stores and online.

Coles Chief Operating Officer Greg Davis said the Wellness Road range aimed to make healthier options more accessible and affordable for customers who wanted to include better choices in their everyday diet.

“From teenagers, through to those in their 60s and 70s, our customers are telling us that they want to eat less processed foods and cut back on sugar and salt,” he said.

“But customers also don’t want to change their entire diet or pay a huge premium for healthier foods, and they don’t have time to make a special shopping trip for a couple of ingredients.”

Lisa Crawford Jones is an award winning journalist, editor of What's New in Healthy Products and content manager to Naturally Good. She's a health content specialist with two decades’ experience spanning senior positions in public health policy; media, communications and advertising; and both consumer and trade markets for healthy packaged goods.

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