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What's New in Healthy Products
Health Lab probiotic bites

Health Lab Probiotic Bites

Australian healthy snack brand Health Lab has branched into a younger market, introducing a range of bites for kids.

Already known for producing natural adult-friendly snack balls and protein smoothies, the Melbourne-based brand’s new Probiotic Bites and Bliss Bites are convenient snack offerings containing no nasty ingredients. Both products are made with dried fruit and nut bases, and have no added sugar.

The Probiotic Bites contain the added benefits of dairy-free probiotics, with over 1 billion probiotics per bite.

Both the Probiotic Bites and Bliss Bites are free of nasty ingredients, preservatives, colours, flavours and GMOs, and contain no added sugar. They are also nut and dairy free.

Health Lab Probiotic Bites are available in Choc, Berry, and Apricot flavours. The Bliss Bites come in Coconut, Choc, and Berry flavours.

Health Lab | RRP Probiotic Bites: $43.95 for 8 packs, Bliss Bites $39.95 for 8 packs | SIZE Probiotic Bites 5 x 20g per pack, Bliss Bites 5 x 25g per pack | Shelf Stable