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Men’s wellness category grows organically

A new generation of men concerned about health and fitness alongside an increase in corporate lifestyles and the convenience of online shopping has seen a growth in men’s care products.

Research suggests the global personal-care market for men to be worth $166 billion USD by 2022. According to the Allied Market Research report, men’s skincare is the most popular segment taking up the maximum market share. 

Men’s grooming is one of the fastest growing categories in the beauty and personal care market and projected to be worth US$43.6 billion globally by 2020, according to Global Industry Analysts. Changing perceptions of masculinity is seeing men add more and more items to their everyday checklist from beard oils to masks, and functional cosmetics.

In Australia the male grooming sector, dominated by Unilever (with 17 per cent in 2016), is estimated to be worth $500 million – just a small part of the total 3.6 billion cosmetics and personal care market (IBIS World). But while perceptions and habits are shifting, the Australian man is still less concerned with his looks and appearance than his global counterparts, with 37 per cent believing it to be important or very important (Datamonitor).

Brands to watch

Charles + Lee

In a bid to simplify skincare for men, Charles + Lee focus their attention on effective treatments backed by science. With more than 10 years experience in skincare formation and cosmetic science, Charles + Lee incorporate the most effective natural and organic ingredients targeted to men’s skin. Their products are cruelty free and RSPO certified.


Created for the man who is concerned about the future of his skin, Anoque’s range of plant-based skincare products are formulated for long-term anti-aging. Eliminating the need for multiple products, Anoque’s two-in-one face cleanser and scrub is a blend of fruit extracts and activated charcoal created for everyday use. It helps reduce acne, blackheads and washes away any build-up of toxins.

Men’s Botanics

Joining the toxic-free movement, Men’s Botanics is a male skincare and grooming range, free of synthetic ingredients. All products contain botanical ingredients and antioxidants to protect and restore skin cells that may have been harmed from environmental pollutants.

Hunter Lab

Hunter Lab provides naturally effective skincare solutions for the modern man who takes pride in his health, and his eco-footprint. They source botanical ingredients from around the globe and formulate them in Australia to preserve the integrity and purity of the ingredients.

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