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What's New in Healthy Products

MOJO launches MOJO Tonic

Boutique family-owned beverage producer MOJO is driving innovation with it’s new probiotic beverage range –  MOJO Tonic.

Co-founder Anthony Crabb said the new tonics were low-sugar sparkling beverages geared to replace traditional soft drinks. They blend organic coconut water, organic apple cider vinegar and MOJO’s exclusive probiotic strain, expanding the original kombucha range.

“It’s been such an interesting journey for MOJO. The natural next step was to start exploring ways to expand on delivering the health benefits of our exclusive probiotic strain in an organic beverage that doesn’t compromise on flavour, effervescence or refreshment,’’ he said.

“The fermented notes of our traditional kombucha recipes aren’t to everyone’s taste, so our light bodied tonics are easy on the palate yet super effective in the gut, making them a great health-focused alternative to soft drinks, juices and sports drinks.”

Available in cola; pineapple and coconut and berry fusion.

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