Fitness & NutritionNew herbal teas to promote exercise recovery

New herbal teas to promote exercise recovery

The Organic Trainer is an Australian based company that produces natural herbal teas that promote exercise recovery. Each of their teas contain organic ingredients such as green sencha tea, ginger root, hibiscus, raspberry leaf, calendula flowers, turmeric and peppermint and are in loose leaf form.

The benefits include supporting muscle recovery by reducing inflammation, reduce bloating, help with the body’s thermogenic fat-burning activity, natural energy lift, and promote a calming and relaxing sleep (good sleep blend).

Sold in loose leaf form in individual tins. Blends include: Berry + Hibiscus Exercise tea, Ginger + Lemongrass Exercise tea and Chamomile + Elderflower Sleep tea and are available separately or as an Essential Recovery Pack containing all three varieties.

    • Exercise Recovery Teas
    • RRP from $26.95
    • SIZE from 70g

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