Food & BeverageProbiotic in a cup of tea (and yes, it’s hot!)

Probiotic in a cup of tea (and yes, it’s hot!)

Meet Australia’s first hot probiotic tea!

Goodguts probiotic tea is made with the spore form of the probiotic strain Bacillus coagulans. The same strain found in Blue Frog’s probiotic porridge.

The probiotic is stable due to the cells’ ability to form a protective shell (like a seed) which is released in optimal conditions. It’s believed to be 10 times more effective than dairy bacteria due to its ability to survive acid and alkaline conditions (including stomach acid) and heat (like boiling water) until it reaches the gut and becomes active.

Created by Claire Starkey and John Hewitson, Goodguts chief function is to help bring balance back to the microbiome, with lab-tested 1 billion cfu in every cup. Ms Starkey says the effects are noticed in 28 days (if the tea is consumed daily).

She discovered the strain of probiotic when looking for support for her own allergies. When she couldn’t find it anymore she decided to manufacture it herself in Australia with John building a small tea manufacturing facility to fit the purpose. “We couldn’t find anything on the market that would do the job.  it took as 12 months to set up the micro factory, but we’ve been really overwhelmed and heartened by the response,” Ms Starkey said.

Kale Brock “the Gut Movie” guy has already signed on as an ambassador.

The Goodguts range includes Probiotic Black Tea (Ceylon and Certified Organic Assam), Probiotic Green Tea (Shincha and Certified Organic Sencha), Probiotic Peppermint Tea and Probiotic Earl Grey Tea, both certified organic. The teas are available in both teabag and loose leaf and can to be mixed with a sweetener or with any milk, like a normal cup of tea.

FURTHER INFOAvailable in bags and loose leaf (bags provide the consistent required daily dose).
Sold in 4 weeks supply or 12 weeks supply packs.

    • RRP from $35 | 28 bags

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