Natural Health & WellnessSpirulina capsules | Bio Spirulina

Spirulina capsules | Bio Spirulina

Bio Spirulina is a new Australian owned and operated company with a range of edible, nutrient-dense algae from Greece. 

The new range includes Bio Spirulina Tablets and Bio Spirulina Vegan Capsules. Both products are free from fillers, binders and pesticides. 

The products are dried naturally with direct sunlight to avoid the use of spray driers. They are produced in fully enclosed greenhouses to avoid contamination and are packaged by a pharmaceutical company to ensure optimal hygiene and safety. 

Spirulina is believed to boost the immune system, support energy and endurance, assists weight loss, and promote healthy digestion.   

Key Selling Points

Organic. Free from fillers, binders and pesticides.

Bio Spirulina | RRP $39.99 – $49.99 | SIZE 180 tablets – 70 capsules

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