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Vatea skin care and baby range

Functional ingredients of quinoa, tamanu and mooringa oils feature in a new range of skin and haircare products under the brand Vatea.

Formulated by Elizabeth Johnston, Vatea was inspired by her father’s pioneering use of oatmeal as a functional ingredient in his skincare brand Dermaveen.

“I grew up with an awareness of functional ingredients. My father co-founded the skincare company, Dermaveen and often brought home new products and ingredients for us to test. This instilled in me the value of key ingredients but it wasn’t until a friend gave me certified organic baby products for my first child, that I realised the value of using natural and organic products.

“I was inspired by Dermaveen but I wanted to do something functional that was natural,” Elizabeth said.

“Dad wanted to do a range based on coconut oil, long before coconut oil was popular. I said if I’m going do it it has to be organic and sulphate-free. He wasn’t supportive so I did it myself.

Determined to create products free from parabens, sulphates and mineral oil, Elizabeth looked to the South Pacific for inspiration.

“I came across many other oils that were also intriguing, for example moringa and tamanu oil. Since the ancient Egyptians, moringa oil has been recognised for its unique stability, soothing and smoothing properties. Tamanu is also impressive historically for its role in sacred rituals in the South Pacific Islands and as a form of skin nourishment and wound healing properties,” she said.

“These oils have been used for hundreds of years by all of these different cultures for treating the skin.”

Vatea includes hair care, skin care, and a separate baby range under name Our Small World and been successful throughout Australia and Singapore.

And the biggest fan? “Dad’s on board now, he loves it. He says, ‘You should be selling it to doctors because it is so good for scar treatment.”

    • Haircare | Skincare | Baby (under a separate name of Our Small World)
    • From $5

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