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    Watermelon seed butters | Lori’s Wholesome Pantry

    Lori’s Wholesome Pantry has launched two new products with watermelon seeds, Watermelon Seed Butter and Watermelon Seed Nourish Blend.

    Watermelon seeds contain magnesium, folate and goods fats.

    The watermelon seed butter is organic, vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, preservative-free and additive-free.

    The blend is made for smoothies and contains organic plant ingredients, prebiotic resistant starch, inulin, and FOS (Jerusalem artichoke). The blend is naturally sweetened and flavoured by lucama and monk fruit. It’s vegan, gluten free, preservative-free and has no added sugars.

    Key selling points:

    Vegan. Free from nuts, preservatives, gluten and added sugar.

    Lori’s Wholesome Pantry | RRP $14.95 – $43.95 | SIZE: 250g – 320g

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