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    Inflammation fighting lattes | Zandi Organics

    Zandi Organics joins the well-established hot beverage niche for healthier
    alternatives to tea or coffee with its wellness latte range.

    The certified organic and vegan range of latte blends comes in four flavours: Turmeric, Beet and Berry, Chicory Chai and Matcha and Tulsi.

    The products come after founder, Bel Young, was determined to prevent the
    onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis, which has crippled her family for generations.

    “All my life I have suffered from chronic inflammation in my body, which I
    understand now was due primarily to diet,” Bel explained. “These high levels
    have led to arthritis in my hands, hips, back and feet, chronic fatigue, daily pain,
    muscle cramps and general ongoing discomfort.”

    After experimenting with different plants and herbs, Bel quickly realised her
    recipes would be valuable to many other health-conscious consumers looking for
    a natural way to live pain-free.

    Key Selling Points
    Vegan. Certified Organic. Anti-inflammatory.

    Zandi Organics | RRP $24.95 – $27.95 | SIZE 100g

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